Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Knitted Christmas

We had a very scarf Christmas this year. What else do you expect for a knitter that's been knitting for less than a year?

Here's the round-up:

My parents got a pair of bike helmet ear warmers. They fit Nancy's helmet better than my dad's. It was actually really funny making them guess what these were before I finally told them.

: Bike Helmet Ear Warmers, Men Knit Fall 2005.

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Worsted in color M-05 Onyx. I used about 1 skein for both sets and I still have a little bit left over. I bought the yarn from the yarn barn, my really local yarn store.

Needles: I used US 8 aluminum needles.

Modifications: After knitting the first two pieces and sewing them up, I decided to knit each ear warmer in one piece and then sewing up just one seam. I am happy to report that this worked perfectly! I omitted one stitch that would have been eaten up by the seam that I didn't have to do.

My father-in-law got a scarf that is fitting for a man that will retire in Maine. This was a quick and fun knit! My first scarf knit the long way.

Pattern: Men's Rustic Scarf, Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.Yarn.

Yarn: Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Chunky in colors 553 (pecan), 556 (flaming) and 557 (olive oil). I used less than 1 skein of each color. I bought the yarn from Jimmy Beans.

Needles: I used a US 11 Knit Picks 40" circular needle.

My brother-in-law, Adam, received a Harry Potter scarf for Christmas. We thought this would be a great gift for him since everyone in Japan called would say, "Oh, Harry Potter!" whenever they saw him when we were all there in March. I really liked how it came out, but it took FOREVER to knit.

: Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Scarf, Atypically Knit.

Yarn: Plymouth Encore in colors burnt sienna (#0999) and butternut (#1014). I used less than 1 skein of the butternut and 4 skeins of the burnt sienna. I bought the yarn from the yarn barn.

Needles: I used a US 8 Addi Turbo 16" circular needle.

Modifications: I did not knit the full 13 pattern repeats. Instead, I stopped at 10. It was already super long.

My sister-in-law Tracy got a scarf and hat set.

Pattern: My So Called Scarf, from Sheep in the City. The stitch pattern is the Little Herringbone pattern from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara Walker. I made up the hat pattern myself by piecing together several generic hat patterns.

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay in the Wildflower colorway. I used 2 skeins for the scarf and one skein for the hat. I bought the yarn from Jimmy Beans.Needles

Needles: I used US 11 straight aluminum needles.


Kristine said...

CUTE!! I love that it has a hat to match :) Pretty. I do much better when someone is right beside me "Showing" me how to do it, rather than reading instructions...Argh!! :) Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Dear Stef
Can you please tell me how you knit the herringbone stitch in the round? in order to make the Christmas hat to match the "my so called scarf"